N 5, 2006



Abashkin NV

Pedagogical views Й.Ф. Гербарта through the prism of the modern professional activity of teachers

Вайнола BC

the Model of personal development of future social pedagogue

Горкуненко P.P.

the Improvement of the content of training of students of pedagogical College research work

Гулецька Я.Г.

the Formation of multicultural education in the American pedagogy

Zhyzhko A.A.

the Professional training of teachers of foreign languages in Mexico

Конох A.P.

the Theory and practice of determining the content of training, sports and tourism at the University of

Krasnov I.V

Terms of direction system of continuous professional development of doctors competence approach

Лавриш Yu. E.

Creating транскультурної competence of the nursing staff in higher education Canada

Makarenko O.A.

Modern problems of education of students of vocational-technical schools

Погорело T.A., Romanenko A.V., E.I. Kuzmin, Syomic T.M., Тюпанський VG

the Problem of health medical student from a position of біоритмологічного approach

Clip T.B.

the Goals and objectives of the professional training of future specialists of economic profile in Ukraine in the context of the Bologna process

Sysoeva S.A.

Standards of professional qualifications and directions for their implementation: experience of the Republic of Poland

Сигаева Л.Е., Martirosyan A.I.

adult Education in Hungary

Слипчук В.Л.

the Problem of pre-vocational training of students in the Lyceum: historical and pedagogical analysis

Sushchenko L.P.

the Introduction of Internet-technologies in vocational training for adults

Titarenko Acting

distance learning System «Prometheus»: the potential use for training specialists

Shevtsova O.M.

Impact innovative educational activities on self-esteem and самостановления teachers

Pike G.P.

career education in rural schools in Ukraine (Analysis of the materials of the journal «Soviet school»)


Gourmet T.L.

Use of the Internet for professional orientation in U.S. secondary schools

Ignatovich O.M.

Professional culture of innovation pedagogical workers: theoretical analysis

Poker A.V.

Psycho-pedagogical and physiological problems of preschool and elementary education

Kravchuk L.V.

Emotional-sensory development of the child of primary school age as the psychological factor of absorption of ethical standards

Ляска A.P.

the Formation of cognitive activity of the student in his professional development

Моськін SR

Mental health as a factor professional formation of the students of vocational-technical schools

Полупан I.I.

Psychological peculiarities and conditions of professional self-determination in adolescence.

Savitskaya O. Century

the Formation of readiness of students for entry into a professional environment

Сычевский Y.A.

the Peculiarities of the formation of responsibility among future officers-border guards

Stolyarenko О.Б.