N - 3, 2006



Alekseenko L.A., Darchuk N.A., Zuban A.N., V. M. Sorokin

the Technique of creation of the automated training system in the Ukrainian language

Artemenko И.Э.

Terms of introduction of information technologies in the process of psychological and pedagogical training of future tax inspectors

Асоянц p. g, Sagittarius CENTURIES

the Implementation of the project methodology of English language training for professional communication in educational information-communication environment

Бесклінська A.P., Komarov, Y.A.

From the experience of teaching mathematics in the conditions of the credit-modular system of educational process

Бігич О.Б.

Hypertext technologies lectures on methodology of foreign languages teaching

Belenkaya T.L.

the Features of electronic texts for learning foreign languages in the conditions of the credit-module system

Boychenko A.A.

Professional direction of the content of the discipline «Computer networks and telecommunications» for future specialists in the sphere of management

Bychkova n I

New strategy for the use of відеофонограми for learning oral foreign language communication

Весненко I.G.

the Use of information technologies in teaching special disciplines to future medical workers

Городничая L.V.

the Theoretical background of differentiated teaching listening comprehension using the computer


Professional English language training of graduate students

Кавєріна OG

the Theoretical aspects of didactic integration (for example, the course of a foreign language in technical higher educational institutions)

Kamenev T.M.

the Electronic textbook in business English in the process of independent projects managers of the future

Kartashova L.A., Marmot IA

Adaptive training of future teachers of foreign languages in the basics of information technology

Koval ETC.

Motivation future managers-economists to study information technology

In Konotop. C.

the Principles of selection of authentic artistic video films for the training of future philologists communication

Конох A.P.

Innovative approaches to construction of the structural components of the technological model of professional training of future specialists of sport tourism at the University of

Krasnopolsky В.Э., Mogilev BC

the Education of feeling of patriotism among students at the lessons of foreign languages by means of new іноформаційних technologies

Lipinskaya A.V.

Psychological and pedagogical problems of the study of the elements of stochastic with computer support

Lipskaya L.V.

the Use of information technologies in teaching physics students at the preparatory Department

Lutkovska NM

a Complex of exercises for learning oral communication using відеофонограми future economists

Lushchyk M.V.

development of skills of listening English monologic speech based on first foreign language

Малишкевич L.M.

the Problems of teaching of information technologies of the future translators

Maikova MS

the Features of English language teaching in juridical higher educational institution

Miroshnichenko E.V.

the Formation of foreign language professional communicative competence of students-economists in conditions of electronic learning environment

Moskalets A.A.

the Theoretical prerequisites for creation of a computer program for foreign language training for letters

Nesterenko A.A.

Learning to read and write Spanish language as the second foreign using Internet resources

Petrova T.A.

Use of the materials from the Internet in the learning process oral monologue-belief English

Petrova MB

Cognitive and communicative approaches to theory of language as methodological basis of teaching the discipline «Introduction to computational linguistics»

carpenters. O.

Use of the Internet in the process of teaching the discipline «Computer technologies of teaching foreign languages»

Sysoeva S.A.

the Organisation of continuing professional education on the basis of Internet technologies

Sviridyuk VP

the Methodical recommendations for development of distance learning courses for the teaching of academic writing part-time students of language specialties

Сигаева HP.

Modern networked learning in adult education

Синекоп A.S.

the Introduction of the practice of interactive teaching foreign language in the system of technical education

Strutinskaya A.V.

To the choice of the content of training discipline «Information systems and technologies in Economics for students of pedagogical universities

Сургунд N.A.

Psychodiagnostics personal professional suitability in the process of preparation of a practical psychologist in high school

О.Б. Tarnopolsky, Кожушко S. p. Sidorova E.V.

«Blended learning» an innovative approach to teaching business English in the higher economic education institution: a survey overview

Chirva IV

the Model of differentiated training of future engineers-programmers English dialogical speech with the use of a computer program

Чекаль G.S., Savchenko ETC.

the national examination in a foreign language in the world

Чуфарлічева A. Yu.

the Problem of training of the future tourism managers summarization of the English texts of the terms of use of information technologies