N-1, 2006



E.E. Antonova

the Theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of the nature of giftedness

both gleizé A.M.

the Study of the professional competence of the teacher of a foreign language

Davydova E

the Swedish model of non-formal adult learning, national education

Дарманський MM, Дарманська IM

Preparation of teacher of primary classes: a new look at an old problem

yevets E.V.

The problem of professional training of future teachers in the conditions of pedagogical University

Potions IA

Андрагогіка in the context of the development of continuing education

L.I. Ivanova

Modern approaches to the professional training of future teacher of physical culture

Kalinin VA

Educational technology formation of professional competence of the future teachers of foreign language means «dialogue of cultures»

Karpenko NM

the Professional training of specialists of the education sector in Sweden

Kazakov N.V.

Interaction of higher pedagogical educational institutions and schools in the organizational-methodical support of pedagogical practice of students

Kryvets SV

Usage of modern media technologies in professional activity of the future teachers

Kurochkin S. Kaliev

the Problem of preparation of future teachers to the protection of children's rights in society

Лабузна L.V.

Educational management: historical and pedagogical analysis

Лізньова Н.Ю.

the Student self-government in higher education: social and pedagogical aspect.

lukianchuk A.M.

the Problem identification in the professional development of future teachers in higher education institutions-II levels accreditation

Мачинская NI

Distance learning as the newest technology of preparation of future teachers

E.S. Mikhailova

a humane approach to the socio-cultural education of future teachers in the process of professional training

Петранговська N.R.

the Formation of foreign language professional competence of students of non-linguistic higher educational institutions

Clip T.B.

the Problem professional training of future specialists of economic profile in educational theory

Sysoeva S.A., Osadchiy CENTURIES

Use of the Internet for the organization of vocational counselling youth

Jaksa NV

Preparing future teachers for multicultural interaction with the subjects of educational space


Belukha ETC.

the Method of active socially-psychological training in the context of modern education technologies

Бондаревская L.L.

Psychic trauma and feelings of the subject of the

Периг IM

Personally актуалізуючий approach in the development of the creative talents of the students of higher technical schools

Стасько OG

the Manifestation of conventional values in the process of communication

Kharenko YEAR

the Role of the Oedipus complex in the formation of the crisis of adolescence (on the material of the active socially-psychological training)

Cup M.

the Psychological image of the Polish Manager

Чаплак YA.V.

Personally-acmeological approach in the formation of readiness of psychologists-practicians to Advisory activities

Yatsenko TF, Ivanenko B.B.

the Psychological science and practice: features of static and dynamic characteristics of the unconscious in the context of practical psychology