N 2, 2010



Artemenko И.Э.

the Organization of monitoring of psychological and pedagogical training of future teachers of the economy by means of information technology

Билобровко TI, Kozhukhovskaya L.P.

the Implementation of marketing on the market of educational services

Borsch I.P.

the Structure and criteria of evaluation skills of the future experts hair and makeup computer simulation

A.A. Bryantsev

the Pedagogical skills of the teacher in the organization of independent work of students on computer graphics

O.V., Vasilenko, Жукевич I.P.

Sociocultural competence of future law enforcement officers: pedagogical analysis of the problem

Volovik PM

Use of sequential criterion of odds ratios in the study of the effectiveness of different training methods

Golovan MS

bachelor's financial profile in the Czech Republic and Ukraine: comparative analysis

Dobrovsky L.M.

the Criteria and indicators of the level of professional competence in the sphere of information technologies of the future specialists of medical-engineering profile

Дудницька NV

the Content and features of tasks in English language test screenings for the assessment of the success of students in senior classes of secondary schools in the USA


the Problems of development of private higher education in Ukraine

Krasko T.V.

Foreign accounting and reporting standards and the American tax education

Lytvyn L.V.

the Mission of the teacher in Waldorf pedagogy

Marchuk, A.V.

the Influence of the Bologna the process of the modernization of higher education in the Russian Federation

frost A.A.

Internet technologies in contemporary higher education

Негрівода A.A.

Components of readiness of future teachers ' professional orientation work with high school students

Ножовник O.M.

the Formation of self-competence of future specialists in international Economics

Опольская A.V.

the Problem of training of management staff from preschool education

Clip T.B.

E-learning: the pedagogical aspect

Привалко Д.И.

the Problem of organization of education of national minorities in Ukraine

Protasov A.G.

the Development of logical thinking in the process of professional training of future engineers

Sysoeva S.A.

high school Teacher: components of training

Сигаева Л.Е.

the Role of pedagogical skill андрагога in adult education

Слипчук В.Л.

learning System science: a historical - pedagogical analysis

Shepel IU

Stages of professional adaptation of future teachers


Goncharuk T.A.

Innovative pedagogical technologies of forming the ability to interpersonal tolerance teacher of the higher school

Маланьїна T.M.

the Methodology of the training of increasing the efficiency of teachers in overcoming inner personal conflicts

Помыткин E.A.

Spiritually-personal approach in the process of activating of a creative development of teachers

Justin Koval

From the intellect of a mental type of emotional intelligence - an overview of the selected theories and concepts