N - 3 (2), 2010



Люрина T. I.

Modern tendencies in the formation of value orientations of the student's personality in the context of spiritual educational space

O. Marchenko G.

Герменевтичний approach to the problem of creation of educational and informational environment of a higher military educational institution

frost Century Century

the Professional training of teachers to development of creative potential of pupils

Muzychko HP Century

Corporate training: the stylistic aspect of adult learning

Ножовник O. M

the Problems of formation of self-competence of students-economists: theory and prospects

John James O. I.

the Problems and prospects of development of adult education in the context of civilizational changes

Ostapenko E. O.

Андрагогічні aspects of preparedness for future economists to professional self-development

Pavliuk, O.

the Criteria of formation of skills of the future teachers of foreign languages to create a virtual pedagogical interaction

Пархомец C. O.

the Formation of professional competence of future economists when teaching disciplines информатический cycle

Петрощук N. G.

From the history of formation of the system of professional development in Ukraine of the end of XIX - beginning of XX century

Полєвікова O. B.

the Continuity of work with the word between pre-school and primary stage of education

Clip Bastion

Improving the efficiency of adult learning by means of information technology

Romanov, M.

Andragogical context of the preparation of the faculty of the University to the design of educational technology

Ryaboshapko I. A.

Pedagogical creativity of teachers in the system of improvement of qualification of the managerial personnel

Savinova N.

the Principle of the development of the linguistic sense in the overall hierarchy of the principles of special technique of elementary instruction of the native language preschool children with speech

Сандецька O. O.

the Problem of adult education in the light of contemporary conditions

Serbin. Century

continuing professional education as one of the factors of development of the information society

Sysoev, S. O.

Interactive adult-learning techniques: the nature, the criteria life cycle

Сигаева HP.

Андрагогіка - theory lifelong development of personality

Словойова I. M. Tkachenko A. Century

Input patrons of Ukraine in the development of adult education of the late nineteenth - early twentieth centuries

Smolnikova, Century

Андрагогічні the basis of training of instructors-methodologists preschools

Стеблецький A. HP

the Pedagogical community of the Creator of the educational environment

Стражнікова I. Century

Psychological and pedagogical problems of education of adults in the Western region of Ukraine in the asset scientists in the end of XX - beginning of XXI centuries

Vera HP HP

Андрагогічні approaches in teacher over stereotypes professional activity

Tribute T. M.

the Use of didactic potential of modern ICT in the system of lifelong learning teacher-словесника


Красильний Yu. C.

the Model of psychological and pedagogical competence of a teacher-soldier educational institution

Побирченко N. A.

Cognitive-communicative competence in the dimensions of well-educated man of the modern society

Помыткин E. O.

Ethical and psychological aspects of successful professional interaction between the supervisor and диссертантом

Redko, S. I.

Psychological conditions of formation of the professional position of the head of the educational institution

Шанскова T. I.

Motivational orientation of students relative to obtain a second higher education