N - 3 (1), 2010


Болтивец SR

Психогигиеническая mission андрагогіки as the theory and methodology of educating the public and ціложитгєвого self-perfection of man

Огневьюк VA

Educational ideals


I. Artemenko E.

the Role of the teacher pedagogical skills of psychological and pedagogical disciplines in the organization of training sessions with the use of information and communication technologies

HP Балахадзе A.

Features of professional pedagogical education of adults in Mexico

a Conversation N. A.

Creating educational environment in the modern school-based health care of schoolchildren

N. Belikova. O.

Comparative analysis of the systems of training specialists in physical rehabilitation in some European countries

bogdaniec-Білоскаленко N. I.

Identity as a social individual on the basis of the educational ideal

HP Borisenko HP

Андрагогічні aspects of investigation of functional States of students in the process of psychological and pedagogical training in the high schools

Borsch I. P.

Features of the technological process of computer modeling for hair and makeup

Vasilenko A. Century

the Problem of development of professional culture of law enforcement

Герлянд O. M.

Monitoring research of professional activity of teachers of initial classes

Gladchenko, Acting Century

Problems of forming information culture adult

N. Gordienko. Century

the Psychological and pedagogical education of parents as a component of education for life

Дмитришина N. M

National education as a priority direction of modern education

HP Dobrovsky M

Model of the organization of process of formation of professional competence in the field of information technologies of the future specialists of medical-engineering profile

Дудницька N. Century

the Use of external assessment results for the analysis of student performance on the national level and modernization of training programs in the United States

dyatlenko N. M

the Postgraduate education of teachers in pre-school institutions on the andragogical basis

Emelianenko S. A.

the Development of higher evening folk schools in Germany during the Weimar days

Zhukovskii V., Сиданич I. HP

the Methodological aspects of the preparation of educational and methodical complex for the course «Basics of Christian ethics» for elementary school

Завацкая N. Is.

Creating educational environment in the system of social rehabilitation of persons of Mature age

S. Zinchenko Century

non-formal adult education: the legal aspect (on the example of the activity of the all-Ukrainian public Association «human rights Centre "Freedom")

O. Ivanova Century

Independent cognitive activity of students in transport when studying business Ukrainian language

Ivanyuk, I.

Educational ideals man at the turn of epochs

A. Kalinichenko Century

the Results of the pilot implementation of the methodology of training senior pupils composition in pre-professional arts education

Tit Century Century

Андрагогічні approaches to the training of future specialists hairdressing

HP Kozak Century

Innovations in the system of higher pedagogical education: theoretical aspect

Kotenko O. Century

Modeling of the pedagogical process in the context of the development of polycultural competence of teachers of foreign literature

Kravchenko O. O.

Education of people of the third age - private educational direction of modernity

Lebedev A. Century

Aesthetic development of a creative personality in the social and cultural environment

Линьова I. O.

Principles андрагогіки as a basis for the development of innovative training programs for managers of secondary schools

Lytvyn HP Century

Ideas Р.Штайнера in the context of the modern philosophy of education

Logvinenko T. O.

lifelong learning: trends Swedish development

Lukyanova L. B.

people of the third age Education: realities, problems, prospects